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Hey guys! 

I recently found out about RedBubble, an online store that allows you to buy and sell kooky artwork printed on all sorts of fun stuff! T-shirts, spiral notebooks, stray dogs, whatever you can think of THEY GOT! 

And hey, ever wanted to get something with my art on it?

Uh-- well, okay, I'll leave my storefront here just in case you change your mind.




Hey guys! Just an update with some of the stuff I've been doing lately. 

First and foremost, Underpunch. Cool guy and 10/10 animator Kehny asked me for some help with doing a few backgrounds with his latest hit and I was more than happy to oblige! Check out the vid and give him some love. As a fan of both One Punch Man AND Undertale, it gave me goosebumps. I've already put a knife to his throat and demanded to work more projects with him in the future so hopefully I can lean back and ride his coattales to fame. WE GOT THIS! 


Furthermore, I entered last-minute into Shadman's art contest, the voting of which he streamed live! We had a great time and chose some very talented winners for some really generous prizes.



 While I missed out on the cash, I squeaked into the final list of nominees and got a little love from Shad and the veiwership! Thanks, guys, I'll look forward to seeing you nutcases in stream again! 


Last but not least, terminal cutie Gianni is up to his usual tricks again and making more fantastic Overwatch content! Check out his latest voice lines video, which I drew a little art for... 

Nothing much more on the menu for now. I'm mulling over the idea of taking commissions again, hoping that with this latest batch of deadlines that produced all the above art I've got a little self-discipline hammered into me again. Meanwhile, I know a pretty cool NSFW artist who would be willing to take a few paid gigs... 


One Punch Zine, Overwatch

2016-05-24 11:35:02 by Paxilon

Here's some cool stuff!

@3DRod has put together over 70 artists for the upcoming One Punch Zine-- a fan-made art magazine featuring your favorite heroes (and villans?) from One Punch Man. I made the list and am looking forward to seeing my submission in print! Proceeds will be going to St. Jude's Research Hospital.



Also your friend and mine @gianni has been working on a boatload of Overwatch-related content! I've been doing art for his Hero Taunt videos for almost a year now and recently I've turned animator and helped him bring the Overwatch comic short Trainhopper to life. Of course you know that Newgrounds is the best but if you like embedded videos, check it out here:

That's just about it for today! What with deadlines and an upcoming two-week vacation I haven't had a lot of work to put up to Newgrounds lately, but if you like sketches, stupid things, pictures of my dogs and some quality retweets I've been twittering up a storm. Check it.


Art Livestream!

2015-11-05 23:23:05 by Paxilon

Probably just a short one, but if you like some smooth tunes and me scribbling wildly in one corner, go for it. 


Original art for sale!

2015-10-20 20:22:44 by Paxilon

Hey guys, I finally opened up my Etsy store for business! I have jewelry and original art for sale, come check it out:


Also I'm drunkenly watching my good pal play some Worms Raviloitions, you should come check it out!

Yo! Gonna catch a ride to Toronto tomorrow to go to the FanExpo--I'll be back in my pyramid head costume this year so be sure to keep an eye peeled. This photo was taken last year by the folks at


And whoa, hearing some good stuff about Tom and pals heading down to Ottawa for the animation festival on the 17th! If you're in the area, sign up so we can all watch cool toons and get hammered at a strip club after.

...I know some some places.


Heres a work-in-progress t'thank you for stopping by: 


Who here likes naked pictures?

2015-08-13 01:19:20 by Paxilon


I got a NSFW account all ready to go, just make sure to view the gallery with adult content enabled! 


I should have gone with the username Paxiloff, in retrospect...ah, well.


Upcoming Projects and Exciting News!

2015-07-15 00:58:38 by Paxilon

Hey guys! Got me some news!

First off, my Robot Day 2015 picture got featured on Newgrounds' front page as the official banner! An honor! It's too bad I dropped the ball by misspelling the actors name as Daran Morris. Its Daran Norris.

Good going, Pax.

Apparently this mistake wasnt enough to dissuade Azhthar from making some inspired music-- give it a listen!


SirUndead and I have been drunkenly hammering out some ideas for future flash projects over sessions of Dirty Bomb. He's been honing his Aussie grunts down to a razors edge and I'm still beating Adobe Flash with a club, so I'm sure whatever mutant animation baby we abandon here on Newgrounds will be a smash hit.

2812284_143693498953_kungfuryroad.pngThis makes it seem more serious than it is. Trust me, its hilarious! Guys! Guys?



Now the next bit of news is something I've been excited to talk about for a few months.

Around New Years I drew some fanart for Mxthe's excellent game Underhell. Great first-person shooter, fantastic writing and story, amazing music, and absolutely free. Check out the link to read more and download it, or if you need to hear me gush about it some more, check out my art link. Seriously. I wrote a novella about this damn game. If you're a fan of the multiplayer shooter Insurgency you have him to thank for the map design, too. He's one talented bastard.

Anyways, he contacted me via Twitter early April to thank me and offer a proposal. Turns out he needs an artist. For what? Well, did I mention Underhell has released only the prologue and first chapter to a five-chapter game? 

The man needed a character designer. Holy shit, it was Christmas all over again. So since April I've been designing characters, sketching, discussing, and chilling out with someone who made a game I love, works for a successful game company, is genuinely cool as all shit, and had John Romero say Underhell was a cool title at a convention. I have proof. Sortof. There's no speech bubble over his head saying "wow Underhell sounds metal" but-- you get it.

There's still a very...very long way to go but so far I've been loving every second. As of this moment I have completed 25 character designs that range from fullbody shots to front and side views of faces designed from the ground up. In the scrap folder there are 139 sketches, variations, works in progresses, and abominations that should never see the light of day. I unearthed one of the less terrifying ones here.



My comic Kansas on Storyshift is far from dead, its just coming along at a geologic pace. Many thanks to all the folks who read it-- every single view and vote means a lot to me. I want so badly to get this story out in no small part due to the reaction it has been getting so far. Heres another picture to add to this uncomfortably large pile!



Final bit of news, I'll be brushing the dust off my Etsy shop and selling some stuff and things! The link will come soon. It wont have a huge inventory but I figure I could maybe earn enough dough to go to the Ottawa Gem Show this year and buy all the sparkly rocks.

all of them.

2812284_143693577561_1423.01.03.jpgman i need some finer-grit sandpaper



Stay cool, folks! Thanks for reading!

Dressin' Casual

2015-06-28 21:47:46 by Paxilon

Hey guys, me and SirUndead whipped up a little flash based on CartoonCoffee's excellent Eden series! Give all that a watch and don't forget to like, favorite, subscribe, and take your birth control!





Hi, folks! So I've recently begun work on a Japanese-inspired lovestory manga I'm hesitantly calling "GunLeather." It's been an idea floating around in my head for a while and with all this work I'm doing on Storyshift I feel it's about time for me to do something about it. I'll expect the first few teaser pages to be up within the week, but given the...uh... adult nature of the manga I'll have to find a place to publish all the XXX rated pages. Anybody know of any good sites that host user-created adult comics? I dont want to call it hentai because it's really more a romance story with adult themes. 

In the meantime, a quick panel! Sorry its not a spicy one :,(