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I've got a light for ya. I've got a light for ya.

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Gianni responds:

Hah! You can't convince me not to if I've already done it! SUUCKKKERRRR! HAPPY BEEPBOOP!

Hyperion Hyperion

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Hellwreckage responds:

Did you break something there? You broke something there. Sheet. She broke some-thang.


Tombstone Newscast (3) Tombstone Newscast (3)

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Gianni responds:

The news could possibly matter, if all things discussed and not discussed were not destined to perish with the amusing reaping time performs on all things, dead and alive. As this world's moot candle flickers out with the detached breath of reality, you will find that this breaking news broke nothing, for there is only nothing, and you will find that what you thought was new was over before it even thought to begin.

Life's a casino, and the house always wins.

Max Pixel Max Pixel

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Prologue Part II: A Binary Choice.
Gyehehehgphfsnort do u get it

Gianni responds:

The one thing I hate about the Newgrounds review system is you can't edit or delete anything. It's just permanently carved into history. I hate that.

Until right now. Right now I love it.

Like a bottle of scotch on sale, I get it.

One Thousand Pens One Thousand Pens

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PURE, HIGH-OCTAINE FUN! AHAHAA, GOD, YOU ALWAYS KNOW HOW TO CRACK ME UP YOU RASCawait, what was that last part about blowing up Cana-

Gianni responds:

I aim to displease and I always hit my mark.

Stare of the Moth Stare of the Moth

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The harrowing tale of a time-travellers decent into madness.

Directed and starring SirUndead. Written by Sirundead and RadioactiveMoth.

Synopsis: A catastrophic time-machine failure traps the unnamed protagonist (SirUndead) in the space between spaces. Left with only a backwoods twitter account to communicate with our timestream, his profound lonliness drains his sanity over what could be three millenia or three milliseconds.

User Vagilon Writes:
Excellent flick, five stars. Impressive phallic imagery aside this movie really hits home to the Twitter community. SirUndead is a fine actor and does an amazing job of portraying the desperate, attention-starved internet denizen most Twitter accounts play host for-- it also plays off of the average Twitterers most basic fear, of being completely unacknowlaged despite a steady internet connection and constant ball-licking retweets and comments on other users' material. Absolutely recommended.

User Paxilon writes:
0 outta a billion stars
sirundead was the best porn actor of our time and now hes trying 2 do srs work, wtf. get back to eating dicks ur good at it stop trying to b anything other then a slut

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Gianni responds:

Please look forward to the acceptable sequel in ten years, and the disappointing conclusion of the trilogy in eleven years.

Then the generic frown-inducing gritty reboot in thirty years.

Berry Berry

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Thank-you for taking the time to review our product.
Here at Lisa Frank Industries, we strive for excellence in all our wide range of toiletries and personal lubricants. Our Lisa Frank Berry-Scented Body Wash is made with only 100% fresh-squeezed unicorn cum, or UniCum (patent pending), to ensure our customers are always fully satisfied.
Unfortunately we are unable to issue you a refund, as your review has not described the intended use of Lisa Frank Berry-Scented Body Wash. The bottle was designed as a convinient applicator to be inserted smoothly into the anus and then squeezed to deliver UniCum directly into the colon.
We have included a free sample-size bottle of Lisa Frank Berry-Scented Body Wash for your enjoyment, as well as detailed instructions on how to apply. We hope you will write another review after you have tried our product again.

Lisa Frank.

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Gianni responds:

Dear Lisa Frank,

[page is shredded, bloodied, and whatever aggressively carved scribblings were once hatefully etched into the paper are now completely illegible with the scars of malice]

[a hollow point with a bow around it is inside of the envelope]

Max Payne Scripts Max Payne Scripts

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Well, I`m looping this and going to bed. I fully expect to wake up with a bleaker outlook on life and soaking sheets.

Gianni responds:

I know better than to ask YOU wet with which bodily fluid, as a reply of "all, and not just that of my own body" is no longer unexpected, but rather the mundane and typical response with the same level of reflex as most people treat the question "How are you?" with "Good, you?"

But thanks for the icon, for putting up with my sick skills in Max Payne 3 co-op, and for not fueling my desire to burn down the Newgrounds office in retribution for the comic you uploaded not being frontpaged in the first twenty seconds of its existence.

And now, to link it here.

+Astronaut's Waltz+ +Astronaut's Waltz+

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I just love how it has that traditional waltzy undercurrent but with that nice, simple tune on top. I was never quite one for waltzes, but man. Awesome.

Interlude Backwards Interlude Backwards

Rated 5 / 5 stars


(Wow, my cleverness impresses even me)
I actually like this a bit more then the origonal, just because it's a little more audibly challenging. That probably doesn't make much sense. No, probably not.
BOTTOM LINE is that it's epic and I wanna loop it for the rest of the day :D