Art stream: let`s try this again!

2013-07-12 21:41:02 by Paxilon

I`ll be livestreaming at about 9:45 PM Eastern Time (that`s in ten minutes, hohohoh). If you`re lonely this friday night, come visit! If I get bored sketching out cool fishdragons, I have a pretty lady or two if that makes you feel better.

And If you show up at the allotted time and have trouble connecting, please tell me here or in the livestream chat! Sometimes my computer is slow--I`ll be closing most of the background programs for max speed but I`d like to know of any problems asap.

Art stream: let`s try this again!


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2013-07-13 00:18:01

Whoa over two hours, but the work turned out great, even it you thought it went slow... maybe talking to the audience would've made it seem quicker. Really got tired toward the end, I got rained on quite a bit today, and I guess it took a bit out of me.