A-a-a-art streaming again! Today is robots. Sweet.

2013-07-08 19:08:23 by Paxilon

Working on my robot day submission! Come check it out or I'll be lonely.
I mean, not lonely. Because I'm not lonely. Ever.


A-a-a-art streaming again! Today is robots. Sweet.


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2013-07-08 19:53:32

It's.... offline? :'(

Paxilon responds:

Wh--No! Livestream! You have failed me! YOU HAVE FAILED MEEE
I've been having a few problems with it since I started. I've closed some background programs but I'm not sure if that helped D:


2013-07-08 20:25:17

Aww puppy nuggets, still offline :( I'll check back tho....

Paxilon responds:

Puppy..nuggets? Are they like chicken nuggets, or are the like something produced by puppies? Such as poop? Or maybe they're...like...hmm... this concept is fascinating.
I messed around with livestream a little bit, but I can't get it working. I have to work early tomorrow anyways so I gave up and played some Diablo II but then got killed :,(


2013-07-08 22:09:19

Yea, meant the #2 kinda nugs, the ones you don't want to step in, hot or cold |:
I'm getting killed playing Rebuild 2, she's (the author/programmer) tweaked the code since last I played, so it's a bit harder. You got magic demonic thingies to put down, and I got numbers of zombies... still just carpal-tunnel inducing as Diablo though.