Ottawa Comicon on Saturday, Suckas!

2013-05-10 00:03:09 by Paxilon

I gots to buys me some D&D dice. And some hookers. And a gold-plated VHS of the Star Wars Christmas Special.
Are you going? Then keep your eyes peeled for the chick in all black with a big freaking gun--she'll probably be making out with Nathan Fillion, though you're free to join in if you wanna.

Ottawa Comicon on Saturday, Suckas!


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2013-05-10 00:29:01

Is dat the Christmas Special they did on the Muppet Show, or the all cartoon one? A girl I went to school with, met Nathan at some kinda function... nice guy, but she got this weird vibe from him O_o.
Glad to hear you're going to have some fun!! Selling any art there?