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First flash movie is coming along

5/26/13 by Paxilon
Updated 5/26/13

Hey guys!
I've been piddling around in flash for a few months and am getting confident with the use of the basic tools. There's still a lot I have to learn, but in the meantime I've written and storyboarded a short two-minute flash movie. Okay, that's a lie, it's being done more in the style of a motion comic (think Metal Gear Peacewalker) because I'm still trying to iron out a functional style that I can fully animate.
I'll be trying to do my own sound effects with free resources, but I'll be making a call for music and a female voice actor later on. I'll keep you posted :D
Meanwhile, the most radical voice actor I'm working with at the moment is super badass and coo'. To be honest, if I knew we could get away with it I would have him re-dub all characters in everything. Ever. King Lear? Yep. Blue Crush? Hell yeah. My Little Pony?


Also, lame shit happening in family now. Parents can kinda suck, especially when one of them is a drunken bastard.

First flash movie is coming along


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raw raw fight the powa

Looks interesting. Do work.